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Panache Bot

Your reliable PA

Available 24/7/365

Some AI is hyped up.  Ours is not.  This is Panache Bot (PB).  It's our virtual legal secretary.


Available 24/7/365, PB can perform a multitude of administrative tasks for you, from file opening to closure.


PB uses natural language learning, developed by Microsoft.  That means it can be trained to do all manner of things like running conflict checks, providing quotes, drafting engagement letters, reviewing documents, preparing reports, arranging invoices, and asking for feedback.  The limits depend on you.


Just like a person, PB has to be trained.  But once trained it never forgets, meaning the more you invest in PB the greater the return for you.  You can talk to PB, and PB will answer back.  But no backchat!  And unlike a person, PB never gets sick.  Not even from a virus!


Watch the video below for a demonstration of what PB could do for you.