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Cost effective

Accessible anywhere

Panache Legal is a cloud-based solution.  That means you can access it anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection.

Of course we recognise that not everyone is comfortable working in the cloud.  If you feel safer with your solutions under your roof, Panache Legal can be deployed on-premise.  But we have taken care of security risks by utilising the latest security tools available, including multi-factor identification.


Many of today's technology solutions are built in isolation, as an adjunct to some other, centralised platform.  Panache Legal doesn't work that way.  We believe that in today's world of instant messaging, successful businesses have remote access to everything they need, not just some of it.


By deploying Panache Legal, with its many microservices, all available in the cloud, not only can you track your progress remotely, but you can make progress too.


Don't limit yourself.  Try Panache Legal.