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To prevent catastrophe, pilots use a pre-flight checklist before every flight.  Lawyers should use a checklist on every transaction.  Checklists provide a measure of progress and they serve as a useful safeguard against omissions.

Some might see them as being limited to banking transactions (CP checklists) but consider a corporate or real estate transaction following a usual sequence of events: due diligence, document negotiation, completion, filings and bible creation, or even a matter opening process from client on-boarding, identity checks and conflict checks.

Panache Legal's checklist allows users to:

  • create simple tasks;

  • create template checklists for repeat transactions;

  • amend those templates to suit the circumstances;

  • allocate tasks to other users;

  • check the history of any particular task;

  • include critical dates; and

  • link to or upload documents.

For lawyers our mission is to get you wasting less time searching for documents, checking whether you have dealt with a particular task, attending progress calls, or replying to emails requesting progress updates.

For clients of lawyers our mission is to give you 24/7 access to checklists so you can check progress at any time, allow you to focus your efforts where they are most needed, and allow you to update tasks directly.

With Panache Legal being available online, anyone authorised user can check progress and update tasks on any device with an internet connection.


Pictures and videos are coming soon.

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