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If data is the new oil, you need a well to bring that data to the surface.  Panache Legal does that for you.


But aside from the physical differences between oil and data, your business produces new data constantly, and Panache Legal was designed with that production in mind.


Most data solutions are built with either extraction or input in mind: whether it's an AI solution that reads documents and pulls out data, or a document automation solution that puts data into documents.  Panache Legal works both ways. 

We know many lawyers struggle to access and interpret their financial data.  And little wonder with the input being a time recording solution, that is separate from the billing solution, and with the presentation of that data being numbers in an Excel spreadsheet.

Panache Legal includes customisable dashboards so you can get access to the data you need, from one platform, and display it in a way that suits you.


Make life easier.  Harness the power of your data.  Try Panache Legal.