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Drag and drop upload

Bulk document upload

Version control

Other leading document automation tools have major flaws.  It's time-consuming to create automated precedents, often needing input from a product specialist.  Once you've produced your documents, there is nothing more most solutions can do for you.  Often that's because the solution is used in isolation.

That's where Panache Documents is different.  Our automation micro service is fully integrated within the Panache Legal platform, meaning you can examine the data from across your documents and across your transactions.

Panache Legal allows users to start producing documents quickly by simply dragging and dropping precedents into the platform.  And if you want to amend your precedents you can do that quickly and easily with our Word add in.  That makes it feel as though you're simply drafting a document.  There's no coding knowledge required to get started.


Panache Legal also allows you to upload bulk data.  As with uploading documents, you can simply drag and drop a spreadsheet of data into Panache Legal and create hundreds or thousands of documents, instantly.

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