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What does it do? 


Panache Legal helps you work faster.  We do this by taking care of as many administrative jobs as possible. 


Our focus is transaction data.  Data is the lifeblood of a transaction.  That’s why it’s at the heart of Panache Legal.  Traditionally, transaction data has been stored in an array of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or among emails.  This means lawyers and clients alike, on both sides of a transaction, have to waste time searching for information.  By putting data at the heart of Panache Legal, we can find it easily, we can change it easily, and we can export it to other vital organs of a lawyer’s [practise / practice] like document automation, time recording, analytics and intelligence reporting, and many more. 


Lots of features are in the pipeline.  Take a look at the Advanced Features for those modules on which we are focussing first. 


Can you give me an example of how it will save me time? 


Yes.  Several. 


First, we offer our Checklist and Deal Tracker for FREE so you don’t have to set up a payment account with us.  There some time saved! 


Second, we’re cloud-based so you can simply sign up and start benefitting from time-savings today, without weeks, months, or even years of software and IT integration. 


But let’s look at the platform itself.   Let us ask you some questions.  Has a client ever asked you: 

  • “Where are we up to?” or “What’s outstanding?” 

  • To put something on hold, and then several months later asked you to pick up the file because it’s now urgent, meaning you have to re-read the file? 

  • To justify additional fees when you have put matters on hold for several months and had to re-read the file? 


If you said yes, you can save time using Panache Legal.  If you have our FREE Checklist and Deal Tracker, for example, you have a central database allowing you to keep up to date with your files without having to read through them.  You can enable client access to parts or all of those trackers so clients can get a progress update 24/7 without interrupting you.  That means you spend no time putting together a list of outstanding items. 


Another example might be that if your matter has been on hold for several months because the client has been dealing with another party, if you used our Document Automation solution, you could simply change the names of the parties and reissue a whole suite of documents with no drafting time required.


How much does it cost? 


Our Checklist and Deal Tracker tool is FREE for anyone to use.  All you need to do is sign up here and start saving time now. 


The price of our other Advanced Features depends on which of those features you need, and what level of support you require.  Panache Legal is designed to give you the flexibility to add and remove features as you see fit, meaning you aren’t tied into any long service contracts. 


What’s different about Panache Legal from all these other LawTech companies approaching me? 


First, foundation.  Let’s look at the others.  Most LawTech companies ask WHAT problems you have and then build a tool to solve one of those problem; the ‘whack a mole’ approach.  See a problem, and whack it.  We think that approach is too narrow and survives only in the short term, which may be wonderful for LawTech founders and their investors, but not for you, the managing partner tasked with running a firm, or the CIO, CTO or head of IT, tasked with finding efficiencies.  If you see deep cracks in the walls of your house do you paper over them?  Or do you ask WHY they’re there, and examine the foundations?  We don’t think most other solutions are built on strong foundations.  For example, if Company A offers time recording, Company B offers transaction management, and Company C offers document automation, do A, B and C integrate?  It’s unlikely.  But why not ask?  Products by A, B and C might be great: powerful, established solutions by the market leader, backed by endorsements and testimonials.  But buying those products is like building a strong walls onto weak (or no) foundation.  We’re not asking WHAT problems you have and trying to solve them one at a time.  We’re asking WHY you have those problems.  Were looking at all problems and continuously interviewing our contacts to understand the entire gambit of problems.  In the light of that we are building the foundations, onto which bigger and better walls are built.  You can see that in the way we take data as the key to your future.  Data always has and always will be the foundation.  The more data you collect and the more uses you have for it, the deeper the foundations you need.  We don’t want to extract data from your documents by scraping them with the latest AI solution, we want you, (or better, your clients) to pour the concrete into the foundations of your future firm, in a new way, by pushing data into your precedents, into your reports, into your time recording tools, and using it in much better ways.  Do you want to paper over the cracks by bolting together individual solutions?  Or do you want a single foundation so strong you could build a skyscraper on it? 


Second, admin.  We’re not trying to replace lawyers with robots.  We’re removing the admin to allow lawyers to do what they do best: legal work.  Some companies are providing ‘AI’ solutions to read documents for you.  We’re not.  By extracting data you can scan, mould, and interpret that data easily, without some machine reading it for you and giving you it’s human-trained interpretation of it. 


Third, fun.  We recognise the importance of your business, so we take it seriously.  But at the same time we believe that if you can make the work fun, then it ceases to be work.  And we like that.  Take a look at our video about that. 


I already have…  Why would I use your platform? 


If you are already using other platforms, that’s fantastic.  You are clearly looking for ways of working better, which we applaud.  We do integrate with other platforms so it may be that we can offer some features your other providers cannot.  Check here to see who we currently work with. 


We know that are lots of exciting new platforms out there as well as some powerful older ones that are tried and tested.  Technology markets, and the possibilities particularly within LawTech, have moved on a lot since some of the older technologies were unveiled.  Take document automation for example.  Not all documents are created equal.  Not all documents require the significant functionality that some of these platforms provide.  As an analogy, do you use the full potential of Excel, or do you use it for lists and basic sums?  If you do, you are using a tiny proportion of the solution, but paying for all of it.  Are you doing the same with the likes of Contract Express, HotDocs or Exari?  Perhaps you are dealing with shorter documents.  Perhaps there are more of them.  Perhaps you need to create thousands of documents by importing a client’s spreadsheet.  Older technologies tend to be less flexible, so do contact us if you think there is a better way of working.  The chances are it’s likely, and we’re probably working on it now! 


We would also ask you to be honest with yourself by answering two simple questions: 

  1. Does the investment of time, resource and money into an existing platform mean that you should continue to use it, even though it may not be the best? 

  2. If you use an ‘established’ solution, isn’t everyone else doing the same, and if so how are you different to and performing better than your competition?  


How long does it take to set up? 


[Panache Legal is built for speed so implementation for most users will be a matter of minutes.  You can buy your subscription and be benefitting from time-saving solutions within just a few units of time.  Watch our demonstration video here on how to get started. 


Panache Legal is cloud-based so you merely to set yourself up through the Microsoft Office Store. 


Enterprise users, requiring more than [10] licences might want to contact us so we can assist you with implementation, but this by no means necessary.] 


Is Panache Legal secure? 


We get asked this a lot!  Panache Legal is very secure.  We have the Microsoft security team behind us!  […] 


How do you comply with GDPR? 




Can your platform run on our servers? 


Yes, it’s possible to run Panache Legal entirely on your servers.  On-site installations do mean implementation will be a little longer.  Contact us to discuss how that would work. 


You may also want to bear in mind that if you run Panache Legal on your server we cannot push the latest updates of the platform to you, meaning you may not be running the most up to date versions.  We will contact you when updates are available.  


Do you integrate with other platforms? 


Yes.  Panache Legal is built to play well with others, and our background is integration!  We believe partnerships make for better performance and through our APIs we can integrate with all platforms, provided those other platforms will let us. 


Click here for a list of platforms we currently work with.  If you have any platforms that you use that are not on our list, contact us so that we can try to find a solution for you.  It may be that your other providers will integrate with us, or they may have good reason not to open up their platforms.  Let’s find out.  We’re more than happy to speak to your other providers with you to understand what is possible.


Will you train us how to use it? 


Yes, we’d be delighted to show you how to use Panache Legal.  But,it should be said that nowadays technology should be self explanatory and we encourage people to play with Panache Legal and tell us if they go wrong.  You shouldn’t, and if you do, we are at the end of the phone. 


Once you have signed up you will also have access to user guides and demonstration videos that can help you get the best of Panache Legal. 


Do you offer support or have a helpdesk? 


We offer full support to our enterprise users.  We cannot guarantee support for the use of the free aspects of Panache Legal at this time, but you can contact us and we will do our best to help you. 

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