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The LegalTech industry is full of companies with closed source software solutions that don't integrate well with others.  We think that's because industry is riddled with solutions borne out of the Silicon Valley approach to softare development: finding a problem, building the 'Minimum Viable Product' and scaling.


That methodology works for investors and start ups but we don't think it works well in the legal sector, where a true enterprise solution like Panache Legal is required.


That's why we've decided to opensource the Panache Legal Platform.  Not only are we open about our source code, we are actively encouraging others to use it as a foundation onto which they can build an integrated network of microservices.  We believe a community approach to development is better than development in isolation.


It's a big challenge, but rather than papering over cracks, we're tearing down the building and putting in new foundations fit for any development.


If you're interested in looking into why problems exist, not just fixing them, contact us about integrating with the Panache Legal Platform.