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Why Open source?




"Open source software allows shared development and lowers R&D costs by enabling you to reap the benefit of billions of dollars of open source software that can be harnessed to create better products and services.  Open source software helps accelerate product development and enables faster time to market."



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The Silicon Valley approach of finding a problem, building the 'Minimum Viable Product' and scaling might work for investors and start ups but we don't think it works well in the legal sector, where a true enterprise solution like Panache Legal is required.

That's why we've decided to open source the Panache Legal Platform.  We are we open about our source code.  We encourage others to use it as a foundation onto which they can build an integrated network of micro services.  We believe a community approach to development is better than development in isolation.

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It's a big challenge, but rather than papering over cracks, we're tearing down the building and putting in new foundations fit for any development.

What does open source mean to lawyers and their clients?

At its simplest, it means you have free, unencumbered access to our code.  If you have in house technical expertise you can take our code and host it yourself, with unlimited licences, at no cost.


It also means you can customise our platform in anyway you like.  Add your branding.  Tweak the micro services.  Develop entirely new services.  Take what you like and leave what you don't need.  Open source means it's limited only by your imagination.

If you want to integrate with us, or if you do not have technical expertise you can either contact us or join the community and help us build a platform for the future.

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