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Scope and price work

Measure progress

Improve performance

Whether you're a conveyancer dealing with hundreds of files, or a corporate lawyer dealing with one international merger, each of those matters is a project.  Every project has unique aspects, but every project also follows a pattern.  That's why we've made project management central to the Panache Legal platform; so you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time.  


Imagine a platform where you can save the structure of any deal, allowing anyone to follow it and see what needs to be done to get it completed, at any time.  A platform that shows all tasks, allows them to be delegated, and shows the budget assigned to each, so you can stay in control.


Panache Legal uses dashboards to conveniently show you what you're working on and how complete those matters are.  Team members can update progress remotely, avoiding issues of 'version control' for checklists and documents.  All those corporate and banking lawyers can save hours updating their CP lists.  That's the Panache Legal Platform.  Designed with project management in mind.


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