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Deal Room

Dialogues progress deals

Visible deals, done faster

Informed and happier clients

Where are we up to with this matter?  What's outstanding?  When can we complete?


If you have ever asked, or been asked these questions, then you know they take time to answer.  That time, being administrative, is rarely included in the fee estimate but our research shows that informed clients are happier clients.

Imagine a platform with which your clients can engage - where they can check progress on their files - and where they can answer those FAQs themselves.

Panache Legal can be opened up to your clients so they can check progress whenever they like, and without needing to incur time making a list of what's outstanding.  Clients can also add information to matters if required.


Deals progress faster when the parties are properly engaged with them.  If you can get the parties and their advisors around a table it's amazing how quickly deals can progress.  But often deals and schedules don't allow for such meetings.  Panache Legal is built to provide a 'virtual' deal room, where parties and their advisors can check progress and communicate.


If you want an experience that's even closer to a real deal room, try our augmented reality microservice.

Give your clients a better experience.  Give them access through Panache Legal.

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