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Our Mission?

Legal Tech

for the whole community.

Why not visit our GitHib page to see our code.  It's free!

Not all firms have accelerators or incubation programs.  For those with little to no budget, Panache Software can help.


Join our community to see how.


Panache Legal is an open source, legal technology platform built to foster collaboration between lawyers and their clients.  We believe collaborative development is the best way to build technology that solves commercial problems.


Panache Legal is the foundation onto which others can build.  The platform supports a multitude of solutions called  micro services, that are fully integrated and flexible.  It means you can take the parts you need without jeopardising your previous development efforts.

We want law firms to get involved in the development of the platform, building it in a way that best suits them.  Join the community.  We need sponsors to make it thrive.

The Panache Legal Platform: collaborative and flexible.


Why join the community?

  • Choice: develop the platform that you want

  • Leverage: others' ideas and R&D

  • Innovate: build the future of legal services

  • Collaborate: with clients and suppliers

  • Cost effective: an affordable way to get involved

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